The use of the pessary test in preoperative assessment of women with severe genital prolapse

A. Liapis, P. Bakas , C. Georgantopoulou, G. Creatsas

March 2011Volume 155, Issue 1, Pages 110–113 Abstract


Objective: To investigate whether a preoperative pessary test could be used to identify patients with occult stress incontinence and if simultaneous anti-incontinence surgery with a midurethral sling could prevent postoperative incontinence.

Study design: Eighty-two patients with a positive pessary test and severe genital prolapse participated in the study: 43 patients underwent prolapse surgery and transobturator tension-free vaginal tape (TVT-O) insertion and 39 patients underwent prolapse surgery only.

Results: The objective cure rate for TVT-O and prolapse surgery was 90.7% at three months follow up and 88.4% at two years follow up. The objective cure rate for prolapse surgery only was 74.4% at three months and 58.9% at two years follow up.

Conclusion: The pessary test can be used preoperatively in patients with significant genitourinary prolapse to identify those with occult stress urinary incontinence. The TVT-O procedure in this context could be a useful optional procedure as it appears to be very effective and safe in patients with occult stress incontinence.

Keywords: Occult, Pessary test, Stress incontinence, TVTO, Urogenital prolapse

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