Fetal Monitoring F6

F6 is high-end fetal monitor. It offers the most advanced integrated monitoring for the delivery room in big hospitals, private obstetrician's offices and antepartum clinics.F6 designed for moving situations, covers the entire continuum of antepartum, intrapartum applications.

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As a fetal monitor, F6 is very suitable for antepartum/intrapartum monitoring. With the advanced technologies and great features, F6 is now helping doctors all over the world and help mothers to give birth smoothly to the new babies. F6 not only maintains advanced CTG technologies from EDAN, but also offers reasonable price for the market. CTG waveforms will be automatically stored, which will help doctors with both continuous monitoring and outpatient tests. And you do not have to worry about loss of data in case of unexpected power failure.

F6 Fetal Monitoring:

  • Large foldable color TFT-LCD screen: 10.1 inch color TFT – LCD + RGB 800(w) x 480(h) Resolution
  • Display waveforms and numeric simultaneously
  • Great waveform storage and playback
  • Highly sensitive waterproof FHR transducer
  • Signals Overlap Verification to separate twins FHR
  • Fast printing of stored traces
  • DECG & IUP parameters optional
  • Wired & wireless central monitoring solution
  • Built-in long life thermal printer
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for continuous work
  • PC management software and central monitoring system supportive

Wireless Probes (FTS-3 SYSTEM):

  • Cordless fetal monitoring for Ultrasound FHR, TOCO
  • Compatible with F6 Fetal Monitoring
  • Lightweight, watertight probe for underwater birth
  • Long life battery, fast recharging cycle
  • Shock-protected transducers
  • Easiest possible operation
  • Hygienic housing
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شماره کاتالوگ: F6

توضیحات: فتال مانیتورینگ دوقلوی مدل F6

شماره کاتالوگ: 1201210256

توضیحات: پروب FHR مخصوص دستگاه فتال مانیتورینگ مدل F6

شرایط خرید: اختیاری

شماره کاتالوگ: 0201210259

توضیحات: پروب TOCCO مخصوص دستگاه فتال مانیتورینگ مدل F6

شرایط خرید: اختیاری

شماره کاتالوگ: 01577511212

توضیحات: کاغذ ثبت اطلاعات جنین، مخصوص دستگاه فتال مانیتورینگ مدل F6

(90mm×152mm×150p, International Standard, per piece)

شرایط خرید: اختیاری

شماره کاتالوگ: FTS-3

توضیحات: دوعدد پروب FHR و یک عدد پروب TOCCO بدون سیم به همراه استند مخصوص شارژ، قابل استفاده با دستگاه فتال مانیتورینگ مدل F6

شرایط خرید: اختیاری