Ellipse Chair Urodynamic Measurement System

Ellipse Chair, the fully integrated urodynamic measurement system. Ellipse Chair has a high quality reproducible analysis. All analysis functions are permanently installed in the urogynaecological chair, including the flow system, catheter puller and pressure transducers. The Ellipse urodynamic system is manufactured by Andromeda Company.

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Ellipse, The modular urodynamics system with Quick, precise and efficient diagnosis. Ellipse has a high quality reproducible analysis. Ellipse is Cost-effective and easy to operate. The Ellipse system allows all ICS standardized examinations to be carried out easily and comfortably, delivering the entire spectrum of analytical measurements in just one sitting. Ellipse can be progressively extended in its use by combining standard components with application-specific assemblies.The Ellipse Chair Urodynamic Measurement System is manufactured by Andromeda Company.

Technical specifications of the Ellipse Chair:

  • 8 pressure channels
  • 2 flow channel/ 2 EMG channel /1 volume channel
  • flow system The extremely high resolution ofmeasurement readings makes itpossible to display uroflowvolumes of just 1ml.
  • UPP puller unit with flexible positioning arm and MTC (microtip catheters) connector
  • H2O roller pump with integrated in the basic unit pump ( 1 ml/min – 200ml/min)
  • Urodynamic chair with electronic adjustment of Trendelenburg position, backsection and height adjustment including:Examination chair, head cushion, side rails, special pad for seat.Highadjustment from 600 - 900mm, mounting height 550mm.
  • File format: ICS standard
  • The highest quality standards for man-machine interfaces
  • Documentation produced via an online printer or on adedicated PC, laptop or HIS
  • This system is FDA approved
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شماره کاتالوگ: E61012

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